Present Teams

There are 3 teams currently confirmed for the 2014 Buce League. If you would like to submit a team or join a current one, please email

Team Venture

 Team Venture is a relatively young team, debuting in the 2011 Buce League. It is founded by Charlie Rogers and Dane McMahon-Squires, and as a club has housed several veterans of Buce, including Ashley Everson, Alec Forbes and Lewis Freeland. Using the original founders of Buce as a core for the team, Venture went undefeated throughout the 2011 Buce League, winning the minor premiership. They then went to the semi finals but failed to win a match, being defeated by the Toecutters and later knocked out of the semis by Team Blek.
Charlie Rogers and Chris Beavon, two members of Team Venture.
Charlie Rogers and Chris Beavon, two members of Team Venture.
Team Venture posses intense attacking ability and use a midfield-based strategy to win games. They have a high rate of possession and are known to strive towards controlling the game through juggling and passing in order to win. Alec Forbes is a core midfielder, who uses attacking midfielder Charlie Rogers to set up complex plays. Ashley Everson, another prolific scorer, is also a powerful attacker for Venture. Lewis Freeland is a capable defender and, with Dane McMahon Squires, organise defense for the team.

Team Blek

One of the oldest teams still playing Buce, Team Blek was founded late-2008, and has been captained by both Hamish Rogers and Angus Bevan. It includes prominent players Nick Scott, Callan Wrightson and in the past has fielded Tre Clifford, Jaxon Ireland, Zac Maytom and Liam Steele.
Blek debuted to a lackluster season in 2009, coming equal last by the end of the comp. In the Winter 2009 league, Blek fought to 6th place, missing out on semi-finals qualification by 1 point. They enjoyed a fierce rivalry with The Scourge, who debuted in the 2009 winter league, and themselves managed the beat Blek into the semi finals.
Team Blek, who won the 2011 Buce League grand final.
Team Blek, who won the 2011 Buce League grand final.
Blek began dominating the final series of Buce for two years, making the grand final of the 2010 league but losing to Wu-Tang Clan, and then reaching the 2011 grand final and defeating the Toecutters to take the Buce Trophy for the first time.
Team Blek are a team that use strong communication and team co-ordination on the field. Their use of tall, solid players like Jaxon Ireland and Angus Beavon ensures their scoring capabilities, and when not scoring, the use of these big players draws defenders away from midfielders like Nick Scott and Hamish Rogers, who are more than capable of producing points. Callan Wrightson, the 2009 Rookie of the Year, is also a notable player and a well-known defender.

Wu-Tang Clan

The Wu-Tang Clan debuted in the 2010 league and thus far have only played during the 2010 season, finishing undefeated throughout the league.
The one-time grand final winners prefer to call themselves the Poon-tang clan, and have intense rivalries with Team Blek, who they defeated in the 2010 league grand final, and The Scourge, who they originally played with before founding the Clan.
From left to right: Callum Howes, Jackson Cowan, Charlie Rogers and Noah Church, holding the Buce Trophy after their win in 2010.
From left to right: Callum Howes, Jackson Cowan, Charlie Rogers and Noah Church, holding the Buce Trophy after their win in 2010.
The Wu-Tang Clan consisted of captain Jackson Cowan, Noah Church, Callum Howes and Charlie Rogers. As a group of all-rounders, the Clan’s success came from the team having no great weakness and an ability to supplement any player into any position. All players in the team were able to score a high amount of points during the 2010 Buce League, leaving them with the highest for/against ratio in the league.
New players in the Clan are said to be ex-Scourge founder Theo Rogers, and prominent Scourge player Flynn Comerford.

The Hawks

The Hawks have a rich history within Buce. They were grand finalists in the 2009 Buce League, and despite losing, were able to etch themselves into history by scoring the first professional Double Buce on the day.

They are one of the oldest teams in the league and have remained strong despite a huge shift in players each league and an ever-changing roster of captains per league. Previous captains include founder Michael Read and Nick Allan. Tim Abel captains the Hawks in 2014 and is assisted by Nick Allan, Kody-Anne Condon, Matthew Lee, Laurie Jones, Michael Allan and Tim Allan.

The Toecutters

Notorious for being a physical and uncompromising team, the Toecutters are a club that has traditionally housed older, more experienced sportsmen. Founded by Rogers patriarch Keith Rogers and featuring notable players such as Drew Cowen and Gordon Patrick, The “Cutters” employ strong midfield tactics and tight defense to keep opponents at bay. They have recently acquired Oscar Cowen as a sign-up for the 2014 League.