BREAKING: Allan flies to Mexico, locates Bevan!

It’s been three since we reported the banning of Nick Allan from Buce, and the subsequent $200,000 fine he accrued for the involvement in a match fixing scandal, that has been since remembered as the darkest day in Australian sport.

When we chronicled his indefinite retirement, we also declared that there’s not much on this earth that Allan could possibly do to redeem himself, but it seems he has done his best to prove us wrong.

Recent photos from Nick Allan’s twitter feed have confirmed he’s actually left Australia, for one of the most dangerous locations for Buce professionals in the world: Mexico.

And not only that, but it seems that he’s succeeded in his highly dangerous and difficult goal of locating Guy Bevan.


Fans expressed their shock all over social media, including demands that Allan bring Bevan home, and celebrations over what just might become Allan’s most redeeming act yet.

No one yet knows if Allan has a plan to bring Guy back, or if it’s even going to be possible.

More updates to come.

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