Crusty Fans find solace in Everson

Sizable opponents: Oscar Cowen shakes hands with Everson post-match.

Team Venture bigman Ashley Everson recently took to the arena in a skimpy singlet in a move obviously designed to intimidate a youthful Toecutters outfit.  The fast growing Team Venture (TV) fans are becoming increasingly demanding and were thrilled when Everson warmed up with some rhythmic pec twitches.

Everson, with the distracting tanktop in question.
Everson, with the distracting tanktop in question.

Self appointed TV fan queen Ima Keane playfully explained that Everson has been dubbed ‘Crusty’ (the crustacean) because ‘like when we eat prawns we are only interested in the body and we think the head is rubbish’.  Crusty is reportedly thrilled to have so much attention.   AAP.

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