BREAKING NEWS: Eddy Downtown Hospitalised

Following an uncharacteristically silent two weeks from BNN contributor Eddy Downtown it has been revealed that the controversial pundit has been hospitalized for treatment of an ‘undisclosed illness’.

Downtown, 55, was attending a reunion dinner for his 1983 Buce championship teammates when he collapsed and fell down a flight of stairs. Downtown had been complaining of fatigue, nausea and joint pain before developing a rash on his face prior to his collapse explained his daughter Emily Thrower, 22.

A media release from hospital officials have cleared Downtown of any serious maladies and explained that he has been kept for observation due to the fall. However, citing patient confidentiality they have refused to identify the illness that primarily affected Downtown. Staff expect Downtown to be released within the next week.

Downplaying the seriousness of the incident Downtown tweeted yesterday, “No hospital can keep Downtown too long! I’ll be writing again real soon #Downtowners”.

Downtown found notoriety for his column ‘The I’m-Right Zone’ which has been published weekly since the inception of the 2014 Buce League. His articles often contained erroneous assumptions and incorrect team information which led to derision among his colleagues. His column is expected to resume for round five.

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