The race for the Golden Boot: Lee and Rogers’ head-to-head rivalry

While Hamish Rogers is the reigning top-scorer after a successful Buce League campaign in 2011, Charlie Rogers is looking set to snatch back the title after a strong showing this week against the Toecutters, currently putting him at the top of the scorer’s list for the league. However, it is by no means guaranteed.

His biggest challenge? A player who has only played three games in his life.

Matthew Lee wasn’t even a blip on the radar and was a late recruit for the Hawks for the 2014 league, but has already becoming the vital core for the previously ailed team, who have struggled to regain their 2009 finals form for many years. And now Lee’s also after one of the most prestigious awards the Buce League has to offer: the Golden Boot.

Rogers juggles near Lee in their round 2 clash.
Rogers juggles near Lee in their round 2 clash.

Despite having barely played three hours of Buce, the professional football player is a destructive cocktail of blistering speed and excellent footwork, and has so far made waves in the league. And if his previous performances are anything to judge, it’s likely he’ll give Rogers a run for his money.

Traditionally, scoring in Buce is regarded as quite difficult, which is why only a handful of specialty scorers have been successful in offence. Rogers has enjoyed rivalries with Guy Bevan, Ashley Everson, Lachlan Willis and Hamish Rogers in past leagues, but this year’s race is going to be especially interesting. At the end of the third round, Lee is second with 7 points, to Rogers’ 9. The rest of the list contains players with two or less points a piece.

Lee juggles the sack for the Hawks.
Lee juggles the sack for the Hawks.

So, who has the best chance of taking home the gold? Pundits cite Rogers’ years of experience on the court, though this has proved to make little difference between the two in practice. Of course, there are also other hopefuls, with Flynn Comerford, Andrew Shakespeare and James Patrick so far producing high strike rates for relatively few games played.

Who do you think will walk away with the title? Are you Team Rogers or Team Lee, or do you see other players stepping up? Let us know your thoughts.

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