5 Years ago this week: Vuk Brankovic introduces Buce to Serbia

Even though nowadays Buce is a multinational billion-dollar sport, it’s easy for those in the Buce community to forget the humble roots from which the sport started. It was just 5 years ago to this week that Vuk Brankovic, a Serbian national living in Australia, returned to Serbia, taking many joyful and heartfelt memories with him. None of these memories, however, would be as important as the memory of how to play Buce.
Vuk taught his Serbian comrades the wonderful game of Buce on January 27, 2009, and even took photos of the endeavour, sending them to National Buce News at the time. The NBN team were shocked to hear there were no such things as Hacky sacks in Serbia, so Vuk made his own from scratch.
It’s proof of true human spirit like this that demonstrates just how great the world can be sometimes.
Congratulations Vuk, this day belongs to you.