BREAKING NEWS: Global Hackysack Shortage

An acute, global hackysack shortage is set to undermine efforts to organise the 2014 Buce Season.

The hackysack, being the focal point of the sport, has become increasingly difficult to obtain for Buce officials to the point of near extinction of the round bag.

Suppliers of the crocheted footbag have fallen short of the demand curve after international incidents have foreclosed production hubs. The 2013 collapse of the Savar commercial building in Bangladesh, killing 1,129 and injuring over 2000 people, has drastically cut production of the hackysack. The meteoric rise of sack popularity at festivals such as Bluesfest, Coachella, Glastonbury and Burning Man have added to the strangling demand from suppliers.

Long time suppliers for the hackysack, Tree of Life and Oxfam, have decided to remove the stock from their stores after quoting soaring manufacturing prices as a chief concern. “It’s just not hip for our business interests to continue to stock this product”. Richard Lane, CEO of Tree of Life and characteristically barefoot, said earlier today in an interview with BNN, “The global climate just ain’t cool anymore.”

Buce Officials have opened international communications to source more hackysacks for the looming league. Scouts in Mexico, Taiwan and Romania have so far been unsuccessful in negotiating direct supply routes. If supply continues to dwindle the Buce Federation of Australia claim they will look into alternatives to ensure the league proceeds as planned. BFA have stated that they are testing the suitability of the Chinese Jianzi, or shuttlecock, as well as contemplating exhuming the disastrous ‘Socksack’ concept developed by Guy Bevan in early 2010.