VIDEO: John Porterhouse ads smother Buce media

Fans, players and organisers alike are become weary of John Porterhouse’s antics.

The business magnate, who is the face of his own company, has filled up television ad spaces, radio airwaves and even is set to have his own place in the commentary box this Buce season.

Despite intense resistance from fans, Porterhouse has no plans to stop expanding his business.

“My business only owns 5% of the market, and we have to expand to be able to stay competitive.” Porterhouse explains.

But it’s taking a toll on viewers of Buce media. “His ads are fucking everywhere,” explains one outraged fan on Facebook, “I just wish he’d piss off.” Others took to twitter. “@JohnPorterhouseBetting can suck my ass” was retweeted over fifteen thousand times.

The young son of controversial and reviled bookie Declan Porterhouse says the backlash is regrettable, but firmly justifies his actions under freedom of speech. “People have the choice to say what they want. I’m not forcing anyone to bet with my company,” he declares. “But if you do, you’re betting with me, and you’ll get the best betting service in the palm of your hand.”

Despite several offers from Porterhouse, Buce News Network has rejected all advertising contracts with President of BNN Arthur Douglas vehemently denied any possibility the two media companies would pair together. “I will fight to the death for the integrity of BNN to remain pure and infallible, and remain as far away from gambling advertisers as humanly possible.”

John Porterhouse has his first appearance with the BNN panel on Friday 10 January 2014, on Fox Sports 5.

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